Top 5 Replica Bag Myths

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99% of people who arrive to this forum have already had their minds polluted by fake reviews and scam replica bag websites which really skew a person's perception about replica bags in general. In an effort to help clarify facts from fake facts I have gone through some common misconceptions about shopping/production of replica bags.

1. The best replica bags are made in Italy/Europe.

This is a big lie. All replica bags are made in Asia, mostly China - surprise surprise. Legally and logistically it is more costly and risky to run such an operation in Europe where the chance of getting caught are much higher. Usually this lie is used to make people think they are getting something more legit since their bag is made in Europe and not Asia. Don't fall into this trap.

2. Replica bags are all the same. It doesn't matter where you buy from.

If this was true the purpose of the forum would be nonexistent. There is a difference between replica bag productions and it ranges from utter garbage to is-that-real-it's-so-good quality. Don't think all replicas are equivalent to what you see displayed in a local flea market/Chinatown.

3. The best replicas are 99.9% true to the original.

The best replicas will have a 1-2% difference from the original and the difference increases as the quality goes down. There is no 100% perfect bag in a literal sense. If you want a 100% perfect bag you need to go to the authentic boutique which is where such bags are sold.

4. Buying a replica bag is risky.

This is not true - it is only risky for uninformed shoppers that fall into the trap of 90% of fake blogs out there. There are very few non-fake blogs so don't fall into the trap of people like Eva Knox that own Pursevalley and peddle their site through their fake blog reviews. If you do your homework buying a replica bag should not be as complicated or hard as people think.

5. Picking a good seller will guarantee I receive a good bag.

This might be true in an ideal world, but that's not where we live. Just like when you shop anywhere else there is a chance you might get a bad egg. The difference between a good seller and a crappy one is that a good seller will make it right and help you out - aka provide good customer service.

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