How to Pick a Purse that Will Take You from Summer to Winter

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A purse is often an expensive accessory item to purchase. It makes sense to spend money on buying a good quality purse, considering it will see a lot of use and will carry a woman's more valuable day-to-day items. Most women tend to have a variety of purses that they use for different occasions and at different times of the year. What makes even more sense is to buy a purse that can go from summer to winter.

Women can choose to buy a purse that will take them from summer to winter at any bags and accessories stores, department stores, and even some select shoe stores and clothing stores. For a money saving option, many second-hand stores sell purses, and for those who don't mind how much they spend on a new purse, there are many top quality branded stores that sell very expensive and stylish purses. Alternatively, buyers can choose to look online for their new summer to winter purse. eBay offers a wide selection of purses from sellers all over the world.

Different Styles of Purses

There is a wide range of different styles of purses to choose from, and a woman should first identify what style of purse she finds most practical and comfortable to use. In general, a summer purse tends to be larger and more casual than a winter purse. However, there is a good selection of styles to choose from that sit in between a typical summer purse and a winter purse. Choose a style that offers sufficient storage space, comfort, and practicality, as well as meeting a particular style of personal preference.

The Hobo

A hobo is a medium sized bag with a shoulder strap. It is generally half-moon in shape and has a slouched look to it. A hobo often features a zipper closure, and is usually made from soft material, such as suede or microfiber. A hobo is designed to be worn over the shoulder. It can be easily paired with a summer dress, or with jeans and a jumper. A hobo can easily be dressed down with a pair of flats, or dressed up with a pair of high heels.

The Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag is a purse that features a longer shoulder strap, and is an ideal purse to transfer from summer to winter. Shoulder bags come in a range of sizes, and for a purse that can be taken from summer to winter, opt for a medium sized shoulder bag that is lightweight without looking too summer casual. The shoulder bag is probably the most common type of purse used by women.

The Tote

The tote comes in a range of medium to large sizes and usually features two small straps designed to be carried by hand, or medium length straps, designed to fit over the shoulder. The tote is usually made from soft material, not often leather. It usually has an open top. The tote is a great bag to use when out and about for some summer shopping, or for a winter's evening out, dressed up with jeans and a pair of stylish boots.

Pick the Type of Material

There is a wide range of materials a woman can choose from when it comes to purse options. Some materials are more expensive than others, some are more durable and hardwearing, and yet others are designed to suit the different seasons. The following table provides a list of some of the more popular types of summer and winter purse materials, and a description of each.

There is a wide range of different materials that purses can be made from. The type of material a woman chooses depends on personal preference and budget. Leather purses tend to be the most expensive types of purses. For a purse that one can take from summer to winter, the following materials will work well.


The most common leather purses are made from cowhide. Top grain leather purses are durable, less expensive, more supple, and less likely to stain than full grain leather purses. Top grain leather is used by high-end purse manufacturers. Top grain leather can be left to look like its natural hide, or it can be significantly sanded and buffed to create a very smooth finish. Top grain leather can be dyed a wide range of colors. Due to its range of bright colors and durability, it's an ideal choice for those looking for a purse to take from summer to winter.


Suede is a form of split leather, where the grain of the hide, most commonly lamb hide, has been split. Suede is produced by the softer inside layer of the leather. Suede purses are used in high-end purses and tend to be very expensive. The result is a very soft and supple handbag that is comfortable to carry and considerably more lightweight than other types of leather. Suede purses are less durable than top grain leather purses, and they do require careful cleaning as they can stain easily. It is important to use a suede protector, usually with a spray-on application, to preserve the quality of the suede material. Suede purses are lightweight and comfortable to use, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a top quality purse they can use in both summer and winter. 


Canvas is a very durable material, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive. It can be patterned and colored in a range of styles. The canvas used to make purses is usually made from woven cotton or linen. A canvas purse is an ideal option for those looking to use it in summer and winter, as it is very hardwearing. They come in a range of sizes and styles, and their array of colors and patterns make them very flexible to use in any season. Canvas bags offer very good value for the money. 

Pick a Good Color

Dark shades, such as black and brown, are traditionally used for winter purses. Light shades, such as white and pastel colors, are traditionally used for summer purses. Opting for a black purse or brown purse may not be ideal if one is looking to use the same purse in summer. It will look very heavy with a pretty summer outfit. Additionally, opting for a white purse or pastel colored purse will not likely suit a woman's winter wardrobe.

Instead, a woman should choose a mid-ranged color. Beiges, greens, reds, and yellows, are great purse choices to take from summer to winter. They blend in well with any type of summer outfit, while also making a great accented statement with a darker, winter wardrobe outfit. 


A purse is an important accessory of any woman's daily life and outfit. A purse needs to look stylish, feel comfortable, be practical, and offer versatility. For those looking for a purse to take them from summer to winter, there is a wide range of options. In order to purchase a purse that will look stylish and be useful through any season, there are a few simple steps once can follow. Choose a versatile style, such as a hobo, shoulder bag, or tote. Then, choose a good material. Leather, suede, and canvas offer flexible options for any woman wanting to use her purse in both summer and winter.

In addition, be sure to choose a good color, not something too dark and wintry, or too light and summery. Women have numerous options when it comes to finding places to buy a good purse, including department stores, specialty bag stores, and leather goods stores.

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