14 Things Every Woman Must Carry in her Purse

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It is possible to carry everything you need in a bag this small.

Magazine editors love to preach which mascara or lipstick women should pack in their purse, but, honestly, that kind of advice never helped anyone. If you wear makeup, you know what cosmetics you need when you're on the go. 

So this is the anti-fashion-magazine guide to the essentials of a well-packed purse — things that will keep you organized, fix a wardrobe malfunction, or save you from the pains of new shoes. 

Keep scrolling for the 14 things that will prepare you for just about anything.

1. Safety pins: These are a lifesaver if you pop a button or a seam. Also, a small one can pinch-hit for a necklace clasp if yours suddenly breaks.
2. Band-Aids: Not just for cuts and scrapes, Band-Aids will save your heels from painful new shoes. You can also use them to hide a nail with chipped polish.
3. Extra earring backs: There's no hack for a lost earring back. You either have a spare or you don’t.
4. Blotting papers: These absorbent little sheets are an elegant way to wipe away excess shine, oil, or even sweat on your brow, cheeks, and upper lip.
5. USB flash drive: Keep this on your keychain to back up important documents when you're traveling or giving a presentation out of the office.
6. Cardholder: For city dwellers, quick and easy access to your subway card or that all-important Starbucks card is paramount.
7. Healthy snack: Working through lunch should7n't happen often, but when it does, it's good to have a filling snack in your purse.
8. Battery case or portable cellphone charger: A decent portable cellphone charger that will charge your battery a couple of times over can be had for as little as $20. A good battery case will cost you at least double that, but you won't have to deal with loose cables and an extra item floating around in your purse.
9. Stain-eraser pen: Not only will this save you from going through the day with a coffee stain on your shirt, it may also help a friend or colleague (or boss!) who'll be forever grateful.
10. Aquaphor: There are 20 uses for this cure-all drugstore moisturizer, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Basically, if you're going to carry a hand cream in your purse, it should be this one. Models swear by it.
11. Zippered pouches: Every purse needs at least three of these: one for beauty supplies, one for first aid and small necessities, and one for receipts, business cards, and other loose paper.
12. Hand sanitizer: If you ride public transit, you need hand sanitizer. Opt for something with vitamin E or a moisturizing agent so your hands don't get dried out.
13. Breath freshener: Bad breath is a turnoff in any situation. Always keep mints or gum in your purse.
14. Tissues: You never want to be without one of these if you feel a sneeze coming on.
Article by: April Walloga

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